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How We Do It

1) Gather

Our highly developed research skills and effective communication creates deep listening to our client’s needs. We gather all the relevant information; physical, verbal, cultural and emotional that begins to shape the project. This process can often be simplified through accessing our extensive international network where appropriate.

2) Analyse

We digest and consider all the relevant information: the ‘what works and what doesn’t’, At this stage we question everything: Does the information conceptually fit the project? Is it relevant? Is the context of the project appropriate? Do we need more information? Do we need to reframe the purpose?

3) Discovery

Aligning the true nature and purpose with our client creates a reality check of our analyses. A sharpening of the definition of the project or its goals often results.

4) Recommend

With purpose, goals and context clear, we collaborate with the client to prepare a project path to deliver the required results.

5) Design

We develop the design iteratively with the client, with constant review and testing where appropriate. Our experience and wisdom ensures an innovative, elegant, possible and practical solution.

6) Implement

We are implementers, with a track record of successful design and implementation of major projects. We are passionate and diligent that what we design works in practice.

7) Review

We believe in and have pride in our work. A successful project is a working solution. We always request to participate in any planned review of the project. Design resilience is always proved in its practical application and unforeseen problems can emerge. We will work to iron out any wrinkles in this phase.

8) Revise

In a rapidly changing world, needs grow and shift to meet an ever-evolving environment. We build relationships with a long term intention so any necessary revision is facilitated with ease and minimum disruption.

Work With Us

Get in touch to explore how we could work together to implement regulation in your profession. We guarantee we will save you time, money and stress; and together create a more effective solution.